How to generate income with our NFTs

Learn how to take advantage of the income opportunities offered by NFTs available on our website on the Solana blockchain. It's simpler than it sounds. And transparent, too. Join us!


2/1/20241 min read

NFTs are becoming increasingly popular and profitable. In this article, we'll show you how you can generate income from buying and selling NFTs on the Solana blockchain, also including our periodic income. Discover the most effective investment strategies and how to share the revenues generated by these unique digital assets.

As mentioned in the post (🔗 Investment opportunities using our NFTs), our NFTs, whether TIER 1 (Sardine), TIER 2 (Big Fish) or TIER 3 (Whale), any of them, can generate income periodically, whether monthly or weekly. See the table below for each category:

🐡 Sardine
(TIER 1)
🐠 Big Fish
(TIER 2)
🐳 Whale
(TIER 3)
🔥 APR 12% 🔥
APR 10%
APR 8%